My latest project

I started this a month ago, and have now progressed to adding in the second floor. I have started making the staircase, decided on a circular stair design to conserve space.  After finishing this I’ll do the bathroom wall next and then fix the second floor in place.

After that is done then I’ll start building the kitchen cupboards.

Stairs are complete

Stairs basic construction is complete now, next step is to fit them in their place and then add the rail.

Bottom cupboards for the kitchen are done, drawers are done, I decided to do a pot drawer and 3 small drawers instead of just normal drawers, once they are fitted in place I will do the doors and drawer fronts. The wall cupboard above the base units is also complete, I’ll post pics of that soon as it has been fitted in place. I scaled the wall cupboard to a 1m high, it fits very nicely.

Base Units for kitchen

I need to figure out tiling for a backsplash above the base units and between the wall cupboard and base units still, will be experimenting.

They almost look real.

Finally completed the stair rail, it was actually easier than I expected.

All done.

Now next up is the wall cladding.

While sanding and filling, I started experimenting with roof tiles – finally used 3mm supawood as a base covered with a very thin layer of Rhinoglide mixed with black gloss enamel (thinned 50/50 with turpentine) instead of water … here’s the result. Rock hard …

Tile sizes are 42 x 25 mm

I also built this from a post I found, I’ll post the link as well for credit –

I had to adjust scaling from 1/12 to 1/6 but it’s perfect. Will paint it in a gloss white finish.